We caught up with the latest addition to our Digital Marketing Team, Mark Greene, to find out how (or if!) he's enjoyed his first few weeks at Radiator, and what makes him tick.

How have your first few weeks been, and what type of work have you been involved in?

My first few weeks have been an easy transition back into PPC and I've had the pleasure of working across multiple accounts for some very diverse clients. I've had to learn a few new markets but it's been a welcome change.

Is working for Radiator what you expected?

Yes, I expected a smaller group of people and diverse clients, and that's exactly what I've seen.

Which aspect(s) of the job are you most looking forward to in the coming weeks/months?

I’m looking forward to learning new types of markets and dealing with multiple clients for some more experience, while also honing my skills at table tennis when I get a free chance! :)

What appeals to you about digital marketing?

Digital marketing is always changing. New channels, new methods and new theories appear every day which will always keep things interesting, have you consistently trying something new and continuously testing.

Have you found any major difference(s) between living in Scotland and Ireland?

The accent, I've heard some thick accents in my days but there have been a few cases where I've been lost in translation. The weather is mainly the same, if not a few degrees lower and you call 'potato bread', 'potato scone' which is just wrong…

What's your favourite travel destination, and why?

I've been to some amazing places: Italy (both Rome & Milan), Portugal and Bulgaria, but I have to say my time in Madrid, Spain last year was amazing. I was closer to the mountains in rural Spain where there was very little English and my lack of Spanish was apparent, but the food and people were just marvellous.

What's your favourite movie?

I love going to the cinema and have always loved watching movies, but if I had to pick a favourite, I love watching Back to the Future Part 1. It was one of the first proper non-animated movies I saw. I'll give an honourable mention to 'A Night at the Roxbury', any Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and 'Drive' for its amazing soundtrack.

Who's your favourite band/solo artist?

Unfortunately, my music tastes haven't changed since I was 17 and I still listen to the same bands like Linkin Park and Green Day, not to mention a love of 90s Hip Hop and classic euphoric dance music, but strangest is my love of video game soundtracks, especially piano or violin covers. Yeah it's an odd choice but tracks from Zelda OTT, Donkey Kong Country, FFX etc mean more to me than any current overplayed pop song.

What are your main interests/hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work, I spend too much time tinkering with my Fantasy football team and placing losing bets on the Golf Majors, but I'd say my main hobby is video games and the last three years have been dominated by Destiny. I've spent over 1,322 hours playing it…yeah I know, worst is there's proof: I know what you're thinking and I don't even think I can defend it. Recently I've been playing Zelda BOTW and revisiting Dark Souls 3, so Destiny has taken a back seat.

Do you have any secret talents, achievements or claims to fame?

No real claims to fame but I was the first winner of 'The Riverside Ravenellis Cup' which is in its 4th year (a fantasy football league consisting of my family, cousins and uncles which is a big deal at least to us). My not so secret talents would be being pretty decent at pool and Mario Kart; neither of which help me at table tennis, so I still need practice!