After weeks of trash-talking it was time to put on the racing suits and burn some rubber for RadGP2017! 

This was our second visit to Scotkart Cambuslang for what is now an annual event for the Radiator Team and with reputations to be upheld and people looking to prove themselves the racing was even more competitive.

The format was the same as previous years with two time trial rounds leading up to the 14 lap grand final.

Tensions were high in the first heat with reigning champion Fraser retaining his aggressive driving style leading to a warning from the race marshal.

Other drivers (Cat) took the first heat as an opportunity to drive more conservatively and learn the best lines round the course. Sadly this did not pay off with her lap times!

The first heat ended with Stephen leading followed by Alisdair and then Chris in third position. Our average lap times were used to establish the starting order for the second round which kicked off with a rolling start.

Stephen continued to be the dominant force in the second round utilising his unique driving style to great effect of powersliding round a corner, coming to a grinding halt to let everyone crash into him before he drives off maintaining his lead.

Average lap times were again used to set the starting order for the final with Stephen retaining his pole position but Stuart moving up to second place followed by Calum.

Following a quick photo opportunity we were back in the karts for the grand final.

With reputations on the line there was no holding back in the final but with one too many suspect powerslides Stephen was finally taken out of pole position and an opportunistic Stuart took the lead and had a clear run for the rest of the race landing himself the chequered flag and the title of winner of RadGP2017!