Here at Radiator we strongly believe in giving university graduates the opportunity to take the first step towards an exciting new career in the digital industry. This time it was a little different – this time we invited a recent school leaver to spend the day with us to learn what makes us tick, and offer an inside view on what a career in the digital industry actually entails.

Did he embrace it, or did we scare him off?! Read what Conor had to say in his own words.

Working nine 'til five (Well, ten 'til four)

I approached my day of work experience at Radiator Digital with great excitement and curiosity. Prior to entering the company’s HQ, I had very little background knowledge on the roles and responsibilities within it; therefore, I was very keen to make the most of my day. My initial meeting with the Digital Marketing Manager, Aaron, acted as a great starting block for the rest of the day. He provided a very thorough and clear insight into his team - the Digital Marketers, as well as the overall structure of the company. It was becoming apparent that these guys had so much passion for their job, and knew exactly what they were talking about!

After my morning brief from Aaron I met with Sean, who was in his first few months of the job. Despite being in the early stages of his career at Radiator, he still had a very high level of knowledge and understanding of his role - Business Development. I found his job particularly interesting; mainly due to it having a strong correlation with my main interest at school - Business.

These guys are not only experts in their field of work; they, most importantly, love their job!


The rest of my morning session was spent with the very engaging and extremely knowledgeable Digital Marketing Team - Mark, Chris, Christina and Jessie - who gave me a much more in-depth explanation on their specific roles within the team. 

Although they all dealt with different aspects of Digital Marketing, their jobs overlapped occasionally, and you could see their passion shining through as they each added their personal slant to the topic. What amazed me was the sheer depth and detail that these guys could go into about their job, and that is the underlying message (in-between all the complexities and nuances) that I took from my time at Radiator Digital - these guys are not only experts in their field of work; they, most importantly, love their job!

The positivity and team-friendly environment within the company was prevalent throughout the morning, and this continued during table tennis table at lunch, as I was invited to play my first doubles match of the day! Like most things in the business, table tennis was taken very seriously, but in good sporting nature. Having seen how much of a part table tennis actually played within the business, I would strongly recommend other businesses follow suit.

After a chilled-out lunch break and some fresh-air, I was revitalised and raring to go for the rest of the day. My afternoon consisted of spending time with two Web Developers (Francis and Calvin), who introduced me to a simple Content Management System that enabled me to build my own Fantasy Football advice website. 

Essentially this task allowed me to apply all the knowledge I had learnt throughout the day in a practical environment. I really relished the challenge and saw it as a real opportunity to put my new knowledge to the test. Although I was slow to start, I became more familiar with the system as time passed, and by the end of the day I couldn't pull myself away from it. In fact, I enjoyed the task so much that I continued developing my website for the following few days afterwards, and I take great pride in the finished product!

Finally, I can't thank Stephen, Aaron, and Stuart enough for my day at Radiator Digital. I know there was a lot of planning and preparation that went into making this happen, and I really appreciate them taking the time for me to feel part of the company for a day. My initial aim was to make the most out of the day, and I most certainly achieved that. It was a hugely worthwhile experience that I would recommend to anyone!

Everyone at Radiator wishes Conor all the best for the future in whatever he decides to do. Who knows, maybe he'll return one day as a full-time member of the team!