Record store day brings together over 200 record stores across the country to celebrate vinyl culture through special releases, events and performances. At Radiator we love our music so it’s no surprise we have a few record collectors in our ranks. Here’s a snapshot of our favourites and why when it comes to music, digital isn't always best.  


Favourite record:

Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

When I started listening to a lot of jazz a few years ago, I became aware of the significance of this record pretty quickly but didn’t actually like it that much. It was only after giving it full attention late one night that something clicked – there’s so much subtlety to this record that really hits you when you start to anticipate it after repeat listens. It’s not a record to chuck-on in the car.

Why I love records:

It’s cliché but I love the tactility of records – and how fragile they are, how you have to take care of them, and how they all have a past attached to them. I love finding scarred second-hand records I wasn’t looking for, which become like souvenirs of where I was or what I was doing when I found them – or just getting a favourite reissue and knowing that every listen will sound a little bit different than the time before.


Favourite record: 

Truth – Jeff Beck Group. 

I first discovered Truth when my dad made me watch a documentary about Rod Stewart, he’s a mega fan but that’s a story for another day. It instantly became one of my favourite albums and I started searching for it on vinyl, not an easy task as it turns out! When I eventually tracked it down it became part of my regular listening and still would be if my records weren’t 187.2 miles away! 

Why I love records: 

Living a very digital life, it’s great to be able to switch off all my screens and just concentrate on the music I love. It forces you to pay attention and be in the moment, something you rarely get with digital tracks.


Favourite record:

‘The White Album’ – The Beatles

I could never pick just one Beatles album as my favourite but if I had to pick one for someone who has never listened to a Beatles album before it’d probably be this one. It’s packed with so many great songs that’ll get anyone hooked so to own it on vinyl is pretty special. This copy was found in a charity shop too, so it was an absolute bargain.

Why I love records:

I love listening to records. There’s something quite relaxing about picking out a physical copy of one of your favourite albums, studying the giant print of the album artwork on the sleeve, and just watching the record spin.


Favourite record: 

Tycho – Epoch 

Simply – amazing songs with exceptional production. This record also has the best artwork I've ever seen (cover as well as sleeve). The simplicity is just incredible. 

Why I love records: 

The cosy sonic quality of a vinyl compared with digital and CD formats simply makes the listening experience far better.

Don’t forget to pop down to your local record store this Saturday, who knows you might pick up your new favourite album! You can find out which stores are taking part in the celebrations here.

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