Another year has come and gone as we work away in our crow’s nest of an office in the West End of Glasgow. It has been action packed to say the least. A multitude of new client websites, marketing campaigns and design work capped another challenging, although mightily productive year - we’ve yet to sell a single radiator though. Now when you enter the office, you will most certainly know you have arrived at Radiator HQ – with the addition of our feature wall proudly adorned with the soft glow of a new neon lit sign. Being a collective of web-literate creatively minded folks, we have collated some of 2019's take-away stats for your viewing pleasure.

"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."

The Work

Our client roster spans a wide range of sectors and industries, but they all have one thing in common - the desire to stand out from the crowd.

The Day-to-Day

In 2019 the team was as collaborative as ever with only some (fairly) minor disputes over office playlists. A growing focus this year was on how to keep our office as eco-friendly as possible.

Check out what we were listening to on spotify here:

The Play

It’s well-known that us digital agency folks are amateur athletes when it comes to ping-pong. With the addition of our re-surfaced ping pong arena - the competition has only intensified. We have also continued to sample some of the delicacies Glasgow's West-End has to offer, as well as visiting some of our Food and Drink industry clients along the way.

Looking ahead to 2020

What's next for Radiator? We already have an exciting list of new clients and projects lined up across the public and private sector for 2020. We'll be bringing local history to life with a museum, going 20,000 leagues under the sea with an aquarium, and showing we can organise more than just the proverbial with a distillery!

What's more, we'll be growing arms and legs with some exciting new roles and expanding our office space with a new hub at Hackney Depot in London's East End. Pints at the Queen Vic anyone?

Keep your eyes peeled as we move into the new year for all of our new opportunities and exciting announcements.

Happy New Year,

Team Radiator.