We caught up with Fraser, one of the newest additions to our digtal marketing team, to find out more about him.

What do you do at Radiator?

I work as a Digital Marketer at Radiator. This means I manage marketing campaigns across all digital channels for our clients, including organic and paid search, paid social and email. As a web agency, SEO forms a big part of the design and development process so SEO is a large part of my work.


What attracted you to Search Marketing?

I’m really interested in all aspects of marketing, but what I like most about search is that you’re reaching users at the exact moment they’re actively looking for your product or service. If a user is looking for our client’s product, our goal is to make sure our client’s website is visible on Google, and ready and waiting to serve them, whether that’s through organic listings or paid ads.

What’s great about working at Radiator?

First and foremost, the team. It's a relatively small team and everyone is very supportive of each other which makes for a really productive yet relaxed environment. However, one of the greatest things for me is that I’m able to work fully remotely. I live in Madrid, so the remote working policy really cuts some time off my commute!

What do you get up to outside work?

I love music, running and all things food! The food in Madrid is great. It's a more casual, sociable way of eating, but nothing beats the Glasgow food scene - I miss it a lot!

What’s your favourite food?

How do I answer this question?! Italian food is in a league of its own, but Scottish food will always speak to my soul. Cullen skink, steak pie. And cheese, any cheese.

Coffee or tea? Milk first or last?

Coffee is essential. This may be controversial, but if you put the milk in first, then the coffee, you don’t need to stir and therefore dirty a spoon. I wouldn’t do that with tea though.

What three items would you take with you to a deserted island?

Music - can Spotify and headphones count as one?

My glasses - I do like seeing.

I feel like a knife would come in handy - for chopping food of course.

What’s your biggest achievement?

One time I caught a fish with my bare hands. I think I peaked there.