Brand Development

Strong brands get attention.

Beyond a logo, colour-palette or typeface, your tailored outcome from our Brand Strategy must convey the essence of your brand; your core messages, unique personality and voice.

Ignoring this considered approach increases the risk of a sub-par brand that everyone is already forgetting about.

Our branding experts will ensure consistency across all brand touch points; from the brand identity itself to your website re-design and digital campaigns to all offline activity.


The brand strategy precedes the development of your brand identity and leans on in-depth research and discovery. Through this we cover:

  1. Instinct and emotion – what will stimulate your audience’s imagination
  2. Rational benefits – our claims that will resonate with their needs
  3. Priorities – grasp the advantages that fit with their time/money agenda
  4. Values & beliefs – determine how trust can be built


Our brand strategy exercises are engaging, challenging, and necessary to help our clients develop authentic brands.

You know your brand better than most but through our strategic and creative branding process, we help you step-back to unearth your unique values that will cut through the noise to engage and resonate with your targets.

Fuelled by fresh coffee (other hot beverages are available) a wide-ranging discussion kick starts our Brand Discovery Workshop to define, drive and direct your brand strategy.


Quantifiable outcomes from our Brand Workshop include visitor personas, key selling messages, value propositions and visual themes, all of which are as unique as your brand.

We are now ready to start work on your branding or visual identity, influencing how your brand is perceived before your customers even engage with you. Branding mood boards, collaboration and continual feedback all play their part in making your branding identity feel right; something everyone connected to your brand can identify with.