“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

As uttered by Leonardo da Vinci and we, like the great man, have creative passion in abundance but if users can't use your site, there is little point in it looking great or even existing for that matter.

Some of our design principles:

  • Don't make users think - our job is to remove any question marks and make usability intuitive, clear and simple

  • Users crave credibility - it is valuable content users are after and which is ultimately more important than the design that supports it

  • Users don't read - but scan pages and click links based on the likelihood of getting what they want

  • Users lack patience - and demand instant gratification and we haven't done our job if their expectations are not met

  • Users follow intuition - and need control; good design responds to user trends even if this means a rethink of your original plans

  • Don't test users' patience - keep any user input requirements to a minimum and always strive for simplicity and sophistication 

  • Users need white space – yes really! This reduces cognitive load for visitors & allows them to perceive information more effectively

  • Follow and obey users – continual analysis of user behaviour and preferences will lead to a refined and successful site

All in all users are quite a particular bunch but by sticking to our beliefs, their demands can be met, with plenty room for an engaging and creative design.

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