Digital Marketing

Paid Search

Pay per click (PPC or paid search) is the process of placing an ad on a search network such as Google or Facebook similar to how you would place a print ad in a newspaper. It differs however in one major point; you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad, hence pay per click.

Our pay per click (PPC or paid search) strategies are tailored to each client based on your promotional focus and budget. Regardless, the aim is always the same – to gain an instant competitive advantage and return maximum ROI. We achieve this through intelligent strategy, rigorous testing, continuous optimisation and a careful balance between data and human input.

PPC is the most targeted and cost-effective advertising method and, being digital, the results can be accurately measured and reported.


Targeted – PPC ads are only triggered when certain search criteria are met. The search criteria for specific ads can include keyword targeting, location, demographics and interests. The criteria for your ads are chosen based on thorough research.

Measurable – Every aspect of PPC is measurable meaning that we can provide extremely accurate reports on your campaigns progress and results.

Instant – You don’t need to wait for results with PPC. Insights are available in real time meaning that we have complete control to drive your results.

Flexible – Because results are instant, we can react to shifts in user behaviour as they occur ensuring that your campaign is always optimised.

Scalable – Our proven PPC methods are fully scalable to meet your campaign objectives and budget. Whether you’re a start up or a leader in your field, the same principles apply to forming a winning strategy and implementing a successful campaign.


As an extension to your business we aim to understand the challenges you face. During our discovery stage we look at all the factors that might have an impact on your PPC results both positively and negatively.

Strategy and Plan

Once we have an idea of the challenges facing your business and the goals to want to achieve, we form an ongoing strategy. As a bare minimum our strategies take into account KPIs of your business, seasonality, economic conditions, advertising restrictions, plans for expansion, high margin products and previous and current marketing activity.


We can create optimised PPC accounts across a number of platforms including Google and Facebook. By combining research and expert knowledge from our team, we can identify which platforms would be most beneficial for you.

With PPC we are dealing with limited space for copy meaning that every word has to be optimised to make your ad stand out and attract potential customers. Our team has a proven track record in creating ad copy that converts.

An essential aspect of campaign setup that’s often overlooked is the creation of a dedicated landing page on your site. When you click on an ad you expect the page you land on to be relevant and provide more information on a product or service, not a random homepage.


Successful PPC relies on failing fast which is why we deploy A-B testing across your campaign. By using this technique allows our team to compare tactics for optimal results. We want to maximise your position and ROI so we work hard to create several variations of an ad to see what performs best. This method relies on the continues cycle of testing, analysing and optimising.

Tracking and Refinement

At Radiator, we’re firm believers in ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it’. To provide us with an accurate indication of how your paid search campaign is performing we implement website tracking throughout the campaign. Tracking is essential so that we can continue to refine your strategy.

Mobile PPC Campaign

We live in a mobile-first world, if you don’t implement a mobile-specific marketing strategy you will fall further behind the crowd. At Radiator, we ensure that we’re ahead of the game, working with you to develop mobile-specific strategies that convert.

Performance Monitoring Reports

Keeping you informed of your campaign's progress and results is central to our managed PPC approach. You will get a monthly report detailing the work we have done on your campaign and it’s impact against your KPIs and goals.