Digital Marketing


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising web pages so that search engines like Google can easily find them. The higher your web pages rank in search engines, the more exposure and traffic you’re going to get. Think about it, when was the last time you clicked past the first page of Google?

SEO is an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. It enables you to evolve and adapt your content to online trends and become an online authority in your field.

We implement a 3 stage SEO process across discovery, strategy, setup and ongoing implementation and performance analysis.


As with every service we offer, there’s not an out of the box solution for SEO. Our team devotes time to understanding your brand values, key products, competitors and target customer to frame your campaign. We also take into consideration your business goals for the campaign such as the number of sales or sales leads that you are expecting to see over a specific time period.

KEYWORD RESEARCH – Our team use multiple search analysis tools to perform thorough keyword research. This can help us narrow down a focus for your campaign. By weighing up the search demand for specific keywords against your competition we can agree on a focus that meets your KPIs and goals.

COMPETITOR RESEARCH – A successful SEO campaign can’t ignore who you are competing with for exposure. As well as looking at your competitor's search ranking we also develop an understanding of how they engage and convert customers. This allows us to develop a strategy for you to get ahead and stay there.

TECHNICAL SEO AUDIT – Our team lift the bonnet on your website to make sure it adheres to the current SEO best practices. There are several technical features to your website that can create barriers to your web pages from being ranked by search engines.

GOOGLE MY BUSINESS – Having a profile on Google My Business is a great way of building your visibility across Google Maps and Google Search in your local area. We’ll evaluate the benefit to your business of having a profile and optimise it to suit our goals.

CONTENT ANALYSIS – Regularly updating your content and adding fresh content fuels a successful SEO campaign. Our team will pour through your content to ensure it is optimised for a targeted, organic ranking.

Strategy & Setup

Once we’ve pulled together our insights and firmed up our recommendations, we’ll develop an SEO strategy. Your strategy will clarify the search focus and tactical action plan across on-page, off-page, content optimisation and performance measurement.

We’ll set out exactly what we plan to do each month to get your website the right kind of exposure and ensure continued results and a positive ROI.

Ongoing Implementation

From 2 days per month, we get busy converting our findings and recommendations into results. You can’t maintain positive SEO results by standing still. Google’s ranking algorithm and the efforts of your competitors are always shifting so we need to keep this in mind when implementing your strategy.

Performance Measurement

Transparency and collaboration drive our digital partnerships with all our clients, SEO is no different.

Our ongoing SEO service includes monthly performance reports which detail our work each month and its impact against your KPIs and goals. This will leave you in no doubt as to the health and impact your SEO campaign is having on your overall business goals.

Umbraco: The Perfect SEO Partner

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Easily manageable Meta Information that appears in Search Engine Results Pages
  • Easy URL/redirect management
  • Easy to update and optimise content
  • Can inform search engines what pages to index and crawl
  • Generates and updates an XML Sitemap
  • Can support Structured Data/ Accelerated Mobile Pages (with some development work/plugins)