Space to Drive Your Passion

The Client

atHome believes in the importance of a healthy work-life balance, the impact of which has become more significant this year than perhaps ever before. Driven by the desire to provide you with the space you need to bring your passions to life, atHome has emerged with a range of garden rooms, an adaptable solution to fit your needs as we adjust to new ways of living and working.

The Brief

Having partnered with the team behind atHome to bring sister brands BOHO and ZUZU to life, we were thrilled to be approached with this new opportunity for collaboration. We were tasked with:  

  • Creating a bold and innovative brand identity that captured atHome and parent company Structured House Group’s disruptive yet approachable style 
  • Providing an intuitive, slick, mobile-friendly website – designed to showcase their garden rooms and inspire creativity from their clients

The Approach

We hit the ground running in terms of branding, seeing a lot of potential for creative direction. Being our third brand and website build with The BOHO Group, we knew we were in for a lively discovery session with bright and bold ideas coming to the fore. Drawing from key words used during the discovery session such as “opportunity”, “adaptability” and “empowerment our Creatives got to work bringing atHome’s visual identity to life with a brand mood board.

The Inspiration

As always, the aim was to give our client something unique. However, we wanted to find a way to provide this whilst staying true to the overarching style and tone of parent company Structured House Group. The key message was that no two pods would be the same – with atHome encouraging their clients to get creative with their space. This led to the use of bold architectural themes, deconstructed shapes, and linear styles as visual inspiration for the atHome brand. We merged the more strait-laced architectural influence with a hint of playfulness for brand assets that could echo through to elements of the UX in the subsequent website build. This was finetuned throughout our collaboration with the client, as our team’s vision steadily evolved into the final refined concept. 

The Solution

The result was a harmonious combination of confidence and quirk. A bold logotype and marque were crafted, each visually strong whether used independently or together. Soft shapes and typography were used to make the brand both approachable and empowering. In line with the flexibility and opportunity behind atHome’s key messaging, we saw opportunity for these bold shapes to be used to create other brand assets, for example patterns, effects, and 3D work.  

The Website Development

Our websites are, in essence, brand values and personality brought to life in digitalwith the same level of ingenuity driving the design and development of the siteThe main functional purpose of the website was to showcase the products on offer and generate leads. To ensure it did so effectively, designs centred around the products themselves. Architectural influences and geometric shapes flowed through the web designs – a further nod to the notion that each pod is tailored to an individual’s requirements and vision.  

In terms of build, the menu navigation is clean and minimalwith pages full of visual aids and comprehensive, useful information. Large images and space for detailed product specifications showcase the garden rooms to their full potential. A focus on atHome’s process also provides an insight into the ethos of the brand. 

The Finer Details

One particularly important feature of the build was the product price calculator. Wishing to make the UX as seamless and effortless as possible, the built-in calculator provides users with an easy way of exploring the possibilities afforded by both the space and budget at their disposal.  

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Radiator site without some flairOur UX experts created a quirky hover affect using the same geometric shapes that adorn the site design. This helps incorporate brand elements throughout the site and provides that playful edge that atHome really wanted their digital presence to capture.

The Takeaway

We have received some excellent feedback from our client regarding the branding and website work undertaken for this project.

A huge thank you to the Radiator team for creating a strong brand identity and excellent website for atHome Garden Rooms. Everything from the logo and colour palette to the smart design of the website, it’s functionality and user-friendliness was just excellent and we are thrilled with the end product. It’s a pleasure to work with this creative team and we look forward to working with them again in future.

Eve Thomson, Marketing Executive, The BOHO Group Ltd

Take a look for yourself at what's on offer by visiting their site. You can also keep an eye out for their next custom-made creation on their socials. With the site launching on the 28th of October, enquiries are now coming in thick and fast:

atHome have seen a surge in enquiries and sales since the website launch with them now fully booked from November until the end of January 2020.

Eve Thomson, Marketing Executive, The BOHO Group Ltd

With atHome, we knew our talented team of designers and developers would have the opportunity to flex their creative muscles. As an agency, we couldn’t ask for a more ambitious and confident client. Always open to bold ideas and collaborative discussion, the team behind atHome continue to be a great partner, and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into the next idea they shake up their industry with.