A bold take on Medical Research

The Client

Founded in 1969, The Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) are industry leaders in medical research relating to occupational services. Their team of researchers, medical professionals and lab technicians have been at the forefront of several vital advancements, including understanding how asbestos causes disease and the risks of air pollution. As well as their world-class research facility, IOM also offers training and consultancy services aimed at educating health and safety professionals on how to maintain a high level of competency.

Although IOM primarily operates in the UK, their research takes them across the world, including a dedicated facility in Singapore.

Client Discovery

Having been a Digital Marketing client with us for several years, IOM approached us looking for a refresh of their outdated site. As with all of our clients, a project begins with a series of discovery sessions. These ensure that we are on the same page about project objective and to help feed collaborations between our team and the client.

IOM aimed to make their website more visually striking as well as more engaging for users. Being leaders in research, they needed that to shine through in their online presence and well as highlighting the services and courses they provide. As well as the new site, we would continue Digital Marketing refinement, specifically SEO.

It was important that all aspects of IOM's new website illustrated their scientific and precise approach to research as well as their global reach. However, we still needed the site to be engaging and visual, nothing like the clinical look you might expect from medical research.

A vibrant approach

The user interface of IOM is built on a strict grid system giving it a scientific feel while remaining modern, reflecting their forward-thinking approach. We deliberately restrained the colour palate to be bold and vibrant to engage users without being garish or distracting to the site content. Likewise, the bold use of imagery across the site adds to it's overall modern and vibrant feel.

As the user journeys through the site, it is essential that they are kept engaged. Interactive elements such as links and buttons have a large target area and stick to the bold colour scheme making them more enticing to explore. Other features such as fluid page transitions and animations were added to keep the user engaged as they delve deeper into the information-rich pages.

Custom Netsuite Integration

IOM's existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software was Netsuite, an alternative to the Umbraco forms software we use for the majority of our clients. As they were already very familiar with Netsuite and wished to stay with the CRM, our development team created a custom integration that would forward Umbraco form submissions to Netsuite. The custom integration means that IOM can continue to use the software that they are familiar with and avoid retraining their staff, which would cost valuable time and money.


IOM provides training courses on various topics within occupational health through the booking management system Administrate. With this system, IOM can easily input all relevant information into the Administrate interface. Due to an integration developed by our team, the data can be pulled through to the corresponding page on the site and styled in line with their visual identity. This means that the IOM team can save time, not having to input course information twice, increasing the chances of errors on the page.


Having already worked with IOM on their SEO for several years, we were in the best place to refine their strategy around the launch of their new site. Our Digital marketing team performed extensive keyword research and implemented technical SEO techniques to ensure IOM are seen as leaders in their field.


As well as IOM's primary site, they have another dedicated to their Singapore facility. The next step in our relationship together will be applying the same design treatment to this second site, ensuring that their digital aesthetic is constant and optimised.
Alongside the development of the Singapore site, we will also continue our refinement and implementation of IOM's SEO strategy.

Key Skills

  • Custom Integrations
  • UX/UI
  • Front-end Development
  • Umbraco CMs Development
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