Dry-cured Beef: South African Style

Biltong is a centuries old South African delicacy born out of necessity: to keep fine meat (miles from a fridge) fit for consumption for longer. It involves dry-curing beef and flavouring with a secret blend of herbs & spices; a recipe that one guards with one's life.

M-eat! holds such a recipe and those at the London-based company can be required to educate on occasion - with Biltong being mistaken for (whisper it...): Beef Jerky. But from which it differs in taste, preparation and from a nutritional perspective, it knocks it out the Big Game park!

The 2014 Great Taste award-winning M-eat! combines the best, grass-fed, Scottish Highland Beef with a preparation overseen by Lisa Gardshol, a born-and-bred South African who also runs the South African Savanna Food & Drink stores in London.

M-eat! partnered with our Ecommerce and Marketing experts at Radiator to spread the Biltong word and build its brand and sales.

Its a great tasting, handy snack that comes in a range of flavours and is naturally high in protein and low in salt, sugar and carbs.

So go on and break your Biltong Duck!

The Solution

A clean and simple, mobile-friendly design was crafted around the already established M-eat! brand which was developed by Glasgow Graphic Design Consultants www.liftdesign.co.uk with whom we worked closely on the user interface designs - which have a focus on easy browsing and purchase.

As well as a free shipping incentive, customers have the choice of a 'Quick Buy' or building a box of their favourite M-eat! flavours/sizes and signing up to a monthly subscription with PCI compliant, automatically recurring payemnts for ease and peace of mind.

The site is based on leading Ecommerce Open-source CMS, Magento; unparalleled in its range of features and ease of management.

Finally, a combination of marketing tactics has been successfully rolled out to boost natural and paid search and to re-market to visitors to the site who haven't purchased, giving M-eat! more deserved chances to convert.

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