Celebrating the faces behind one of Scotland's leading law firms

The Client

MacRoberts is one of Scotland’s leading commercial law firms and also one of the oldest; tracing its history and heritage back over 150 years.

With 43 Partners and employing over 160 people, MacRoberts represents clients locally, nationally and overseas from its offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee.

As people focused, innovative and experienced law firm, MacRoberts is committed to ensuring its digital presence reflects its brand values, client expectations and overall vision.


As with all our clients, the first step of any project is a series of discovery sessions. These not only ensure that the client and ourselves are on the same page but also help feed collaboration, an essential element of our approach. MacRoberts share our ethos of collaboration which they use to forge relationships across the wide and varied range of sectors that they practice in.

People Focused Design

A key element of MacRoberts' brief was that they wanted their people-centric approach to business to be represented on the site.

We achieved their vision by incorporating a minimalist design, full of white space and a limited colour palate. This design choice helps draw the users eye towards the large and personable staff portraits that are featured heavily throughout the site.

The primary focus throughout the site is the people who are responsible for the firms leading reputation within Scottish law.

Information Architecture

When reviewing and repurposing the information architecture (IA) of an existing site, we advise clients to consider their service offering and user journey from a user’s perspective, rather than through the prism of internal departmental structures. 

With the previous version of the MacRoberts website we discovered that despite the inclusion of a top-level ‘Sectors’ section, traffic levels to that section were minimal. One possible reason was that the ‘Services’ section did not clearly specify within the navigation menu who the service was aimed at. There were also several hubs for key content areas such as Family Law, GDPR and Brexit which sat separately with different layouts and functionality from the rest of the site. These elements combined meant the user journey became fractured at times and required more cohesion.

How a company thinks about a service or what a potential customer may search for, doesn’t necessarily reflect the user’s thought process. It’s our job to bridge that gap and align our client’s needs with the user’s expectations to maximise the site’s potential.

MacRoberts’ had clear objectives to make more of their people, bring more attention to their legal services and position themselves as thought leaders within a range of industries to highlight their expertise. With that in mind, we recommended clear delineation of services between business, public sector and individuals to present a more cohesive and intuitive user journey, which would lay solid foundations for ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


The Insights section of the site was developed to hold all of their sector and industry related content; positioning MacRoberts as experts and thought leaders within each sector that they practice. All sector information being housed within the same section also meant that users no longer have to jump between ‘Sectors’ and ‘Knowledge’ as with the previous website, resulting in a smoother user journey and a more focussed purpose. 

‘We first engaged Radiator in 2018 to conduct a complete overhaul of our website. Since then, they have supported us on a number of key projects and contributed hugely to the success of our digital strategy.

In terms of partnership working, they are responsive, highly motivated and have excellent communication skills. I personally love working them and they are incredibly well respected throughout our firm, particularly by our Managing Partner, Neil Kennedy’.

Laura Wilson, Director of Marketing & Brand Development at Macroberts

Ongoing Digital Marketing

As part of our partnership with MacRoberts, our Digital Marketing team have applied best-practice SEO and PPC strategies to enhance their online authority.

Our team continues to work closely with MacRoberts' in house marketing to optimise their results at every stage of their strategy.

Key Skills

  • Digital Marketing Consultancy
  • Brand Discovery
  • Umbraco development
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Google AdWords Search (PPC)
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