Maven Capital

A New and More Effective Way to Attract and Convert Investors

Maven Capital Partners is a leading private equity and alternative asset manager formed in 2009 and operating from 12 offices UK-wide.

Maven is a stand-out provider in the lower mid-market through its independent status and dynamic culture and approach; investing on behalf of a wide range of client-funds including five Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs).

Having previously worked closely with Maven’s in-house Marketing team to deliver impactful digital campaigns, we were approached in Autumn 2018 to drive investment to two of the VCTs under Maven’s management.

The brief

VCTs are tax efficient companies listed on the London Stock Exchange; established by the government to support innovation and entrepreneurial business growth. VCTs also offer UK investors significant tax benefits and high ROI potential given the increased risk attached and compared to a perceived safer investment in more established companies.

As well as being immediately engaging, the campaign message had to be balanced with reassurance and persuasiveness, for those considering alternative investment options. The reassurance angle also had to deal with the introduction of new online technology for users to applying for and process their investment in conjunction with third party supplier: Link Asset Services.

Over a 6-month period, the level of investment aimed for through this online campaign was made clear from the outset across both FCTs.

Our Solution


The campaign was geographical targeted to resonate with Maven’s target investor group, primarily based in London and South East through off-site adverts and website landing pages.

We staged the activity, with part one running during September 2018 and with a focus on awareness-raising and attracting prospective investor sign-ups. Part two centred on driving investment across the two VCTs and ran from October 2018 to March 2019.

Both had their own corresponding and geographically targeted landing pages to ensure the flexibility and tracking were at the level we always need to test-measure-refine.

The landing page messaging offered visitors a taster; encouraging them to sign up to receive updates via email.  Maven were then able to notify subscribers about any early bird offers as well as when the VCTs were live and open for investment.

This approach also allowed Maven to segment its database and email prospects with messaging which was aligned to either of the landing pages (Scottish business and general) and therefore be more targeted.

The campaign also involved the introduction of new online application and investment technology. In the past, an investor had to download an application form, print it out and then post it to invest.

Over the past two years, in addition to that step, users could invest online via the Link Asset Services portal. So we had to be mindful of different audiences (traditional investors and modern investors), and ensure the campaign and associated messaging/landing pages was properly catered to suit both. We also had to liaise with Link Asset Services on implementing tracking within that portal, which was one of the more complex components of the campaign.

As with all Digital Marketing activity, the tactics deployed were based on a range of factors including goals and research-based insights. Paid search and Re-marketing (Google Ads) and Twitter advertising were deployed concurrently for more impact.

Through part two, the focus was on driving potential investors to landing pages from where they could download the securities note, application form or invest directly via the online portal. A further aim was to primarily attract new investors as opposed to existing investors (referred to as shareholders and non-shareholders). 

In addition to performance monitoring through Google Analytic, Google Ads and Twitter Analytics, we A/B tested iterations of the landing page throughout the campaign period to incorporate the success of the previous year’s campaign and comparing with an updated page, containing usability refinements and updated messaging.

We wanted to find an agency which would go that extra step for their client. We found that with Radiator and have been impressed by the team’s expertise and digital knowledge. They were committed to delivering on our objectives and always offered clear and concise advice. The campaign delivered an impressive ROI and has helped maintain Maven as one of the UKs most prominent VCT managers.

Steven Ford, Marketing Manager, Maven Capital Partners


As a direct result of our Digital activity, we exceeded our target investment figure by more than 20% within the 6-month period

A further goal was attracting investment from non-shareholders or new investors across the VCT funds

We achieved 65.1% from new investors – with the remaining 34.9% from shareholders or current Maven investors

Key Skills

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Pay-per-click Advertising
  • Paid Social Promotions