Mayflower 400


The Client

Mayflower 400 is an honest, broad & inclusive commemoration of the Mayflower's sailing from England to America and its often challenging legacy. The Mayflower 400 anniversary is an opportunity to explore all aspects of the story and the impact of the ship's sailing through a diverse range of cultural events and projects.

The Brief

We were tasked with developing a digital hub for education, both in terms of history and of the social themes of the journey that are still relevant today. As well as education, the Mayflower 400 site had to highlight the 13 destinations across three countries that make up the Mayflower Trail and promote ticket sales to events.

The Mayflower 400 project embodies values of Freedom, Humanity, Imagination and the Future. It was important that these values shine through all aspects of the website and that users are filled with the same sense of exploration felt by the first pilgrims.

Our Solution


  • Focus on an engaging & immersive user experience (UX) combined with relevant & topical contents & events programme
  • Multi-lingual, Commemoration Programme - an opportunity to explore all aspects of the story and the impact of the ship’s sailing through a diverse range of cultural events and projects
  • This section is regularly updated, allowing users to discover the programme in-depth by clicking on each project to view videos, hear from the artists involved & read about the journey - as well as viewing event listings associated with each project
  • Events section - encompassing the UK, USA and Netherlands & entered directly via Umbraco or pulled securely from external sources, this key section allows users to see what’s on, plan their trip and search Events by date, destination & type - as well as switching between list and map views
  • Immersive Stories section - to further engage and offer distinct reasons to get involved - there are countless stories connected to the pioneering voyage and its passengers, this section explores the ancestry & genealogy of the Mayflower passengers and their relevance & impact on society today
  • To enhance the UX, we incorporated an interactive & customised Google map to illustrate key locations & their significance. Users are lead through the route, giving insight into notable sites & revealing more details as the delve deeper
  • Focus on mobile-first, ease of use – reflecting brand values of being open and accessible – a search and navigation based on providing an intuitive user journey: ‘Don’t Make Me Think!’
  • Based on Umbraco Open Source CMS technology - simple yet powerful website management and an expandable solution which can grow with our client

By incorporating this interactive map we hope that users will engage with the journey and the four themes of the Mayflower 400; Freedom, Humanity, Imagination and the Future. Which in turn leads to more significant interest in the events and projects taking place across the UK, the Netherlands and USA.  

Digital Marketing

A range of strategic digital marketing activity supported the launch of this new site to drive awareness, traffic, engagement & bookings;

  • Integrated social feeds embedded within areas of the site as required - with a focus on visual feeds including Instagram and Pinterest - feeds can be filtered by hashtags to boost the relevance within different sections of the site
  • We put in place an SEO strategy to drive organic searches. SEO is always a critical step to any digital marketing strategy, but it was particularly important that Mayflower 400 stood out as the go-to source for education and key influencer for the anniversary

“Given the sensitive nature of what our Brand represents, it is essential that our Digital Partner successfully balances this with the need to grow awareness, interest and involvement. In Radiator, we have this balance addressed, no request from us is ever a hassle and our day to day management of suite of sites using Umbraco makes our lives a lot easier!” 
Mark Howell, Director Communications and Marketing, Destination Plymouth

Impact in 12 months from launch

  • + 60% SEO Traffic
  • + 50% Social Engagement
  • + 45% Online Booking Enquires

The Mayflower 400 project reconfirms our online Destination Marketing expertise. Involving a broad stakeholder group which includes Visit Britain, Visit England, Destination Plymouth & Visit Leiden, the continual evolution of this online presence relies on clear and collaborative communication on the back of a positive ROI.

Key Skills

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Umbraco Development
  • Site Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • Multi-lingual
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