RZSS Highland Wildlife Park

Close Encounters with Mountain and Tundra Dwellers

Thanks to RZSS Highland Wildlife Park, you can experience some close encounters with some of the world’s endangered mountain and tundra animals just outside Aviemore and from the comfort of your own car!

Owned and managed by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS), the Park, alongside RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, supports the organizations conservation and research projects around the globe, as well as providing an educational resource for schools and the wider community; having connected with over one million pupils to date through key conservation awareness messages.

Discover native Scottish wildlife like the iconic Scottish wildcat and red deer, as well species such as wolves and lynx that are now extinct from our shores. Amur tigers, snow monkeys, snow leopards, and polar bears are just some of the other species that await your visit!


The launch of the new Park website marks the beginning of a range of sites we are looking after for RZSS including the main RZSS site itself as well as Edinburgh Zoo and The Budongo Trail.

Radiator was recommended to us, and since the start of the project it was obvious why. The team took the time to understand not just the project but our wider organization, and regularly provided suggestions and improvements above and beyond the original brief.

The project has been delivered on time, and on budget and Radiator has been a pleasure to work with throughout. After the launch of the RZSS Highland Wildlife Park website, I'm delighted to be in a position to recommend Radiator to others myself. 

Jon-Paul Orsi, RZSS Digital Manager


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