Scottish Sea Farms

Unique Taste From Scotland

Passionate and forward-thinking, Scottish Sea Farms is a leading international aquaculture company, dedicated to the sustainable production of premium salmon - one of the world's tastiest and healthiest foods which is both RSPCA monitored and Geographically protected.

A brand synonymous with quality, Scottish Sea Farms is the sole supplier of salmon to high-end retail brands including Marks & Spencer’s, Tesco Finest and Waitrose.

Committed to the safety, livelihood and prosperity of the people and communities it engages, SSF has farms on the West Coast of Scotland, Shetland and Orkney and generates an output which makes up almost 25% of Scotland's Atlantic-farmed salmon.

SSF's online aims are as clear as the sea waters that help produce this world-renowned product:

  • Build the brand online and raise awareness of the company's values, culture, products, heritage and vision 

  • Accurately reflect SSF's market position; immediately engaging target visitors including consumers, corporate, commercial and employees 

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