Video Remarketing - 2020 Trends

At Radiator we like experimenting with newly released features, and a recent favourite is the integration of video into Google Ads Remarketing campaigns.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing targets people who have already visited your website or mobile app, and displays relevant ads to them about your company, products or services as they browse different websites within Google’s Display Network. This can be people who visited certain pages or sections of your website, those who have converted or those who haven’t – it’s entirely up to you.

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Whether you're looking to raise brand awareness, increase revenue, or boost enquiries, Remarketing can be an extremely powerful and strategic component of your digital marketing strategy – encouraging potential customers to revisit your website.

Up until recently, Remarketing ads had to be either text or image-based, but now there is a third and extremely engaging option – Video Remarketing.

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What is the impact of Video Remarketing?

We tailor each campaign to suits our clients’ needs and objectives. What works for one audience and/or industry may not work for another, so initial research and analysis is always key.

One of our most successful test cases was for a client in the property sector. We A/B tested video against static imagery and animated GIFs, with the results showing a significant improvement in both engagements and conversions.

The video is short, subtitled and focused on brand awareness. The impact was a 186%+ increase in impressions and a 78%+ increase in clicks – resulting in the ad and therefore the client’s brand reaching hundreds of thousands of potential customers. Targeting and campaign configuration is key in ensuring the audience is relevant and value for money is achieved. This requires knowledge, experience and expertise.

Which type of videos should I use?

You can choose from a variety of videos for your Remarketing campaign, such as branded videos, lifestyle videos, 360°, Virtual Reality videos, and more. The more they resonate with your audience, the greater the impact they will have on your brand exposure and digital presence.

At Radiator, we’ll help you customise your campaign to suit your aims and audience. If you’re interested in discussing further, we’d love to hear from you.


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