How to Boost your SEO with Schema Mark-Up

Schema mark-up and its structured data is the new big thing in SEO.

Google tries to understand the content of a page by analysing the data provided on it. Structure data is the best way to help Google understand what a page is about by giving a standardised format of the page data. JSON-LD is the structured data format which enhances the content of the page and helps them appear in a much clearer way in the search results.

At Radiator, we have started applying structure data on the websites of clients who are active in certain industries.

Structured data mark-up can be used to mark a simple web page such as:

  • Articles
  • Events
  • Products – E-commerce
  • Restaurants
  • Local Business
  • And more
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How Structured Data Works

Since we started experimenting with applying structured data, we have reported increases in the visibility of pages and consequently increases in the click-through-rate from mobile and desktop results. You may be able to distinguish pages with structured data yourself when searching for news, recipes, events, etc. especially on mobile devices with certain pages and their contents being featured at the top of the search results.

Structured data helps better distinguish the key pages of a website by adding more sitelinks of the website under the search result. Although this is only one of its benefits.
For example, when adding structured data on an event page the page's information appears at the top of the search results displaying an image and clear title, date and time of the show, ticket price, etc. thus making the page with structured data stand out from the rest of the organic results.

For example, we added structured data to the event listings for the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, which now appear in the search results as you can see below.

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What is is the universal data library that provides us with the exact page JSON-LD code that is essential in order to add the right structured data on a page. We dynamically insert JSON-LD into pages and that gives search engines all the information needed to bring the pages as high up the search results as possible with more attributes compared to a regular page.

The right structured data format is particularly beneficial for SEO as search engines read the code and display the page in a clear, specific and rich way on the search results. By adding structured data on a page it increases the visibility of the content in a way that we call a rich snippet. See below an example of how the different sections of the website and services are laid out, with rich snippets.

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Using Schema Mark-Up

At Radiator Digital, we are always keeping ourselves ahead of the game, experimenting with the latest trends that can bring great results to our clients’ digital performance. Now, more than ever, a strong SEO presence is important in maintaining your visibility and gaining more organic exposure by using all of the tools available.

If you would like to discuss what Radiator Digital can do to help you with your search engine presence get in touch with us.


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