Meet Conner, our new Gordon-Ramsay-wannabe developer!

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We caught up with Conner, one of the newest additions to our close-knit team, to find out what makes him tick.

What do you do at Radiator?

I am a front-end developer. I use modern web technologies to convert designs into functioning websites.

What interested you so much about development that you decided to make a career out of it?

I have always been fascinated by computers and interested in how the web works. I have been coding since 13, and ever since then my passion for website development has grown. In the last year, I decided to turn my self-taught hobby into a full-time career.

How have you found settling into the Radiator team while we're all still working from home?

My first few weeks at Radiator were challenging as I was adjusting to the new work flow of the team. However, despite having only joined a few months ago, it now feels like I have been here for years. I am looking forward to getting into the office (properly) and meeting everyone in person!

First place you'll go after lockdown?

Probably where most people will go - the local pub.

Okay, it's the first team lunch back at the office and you have to pick the place - where are we going?


Music is a big part of the culture at Radiator, what’s your go-to playlist?

I listen to anything. When I'm working, I open up Spotify and let their algorithm take me on a journey. I do have a soft spot for The Gambler by Kenny Rogers.

Where will we find you if you’re not working?

I'll either be spending hours cleaning my car or in the kitchen being a Gordon Ramsay wannabe.

If you’re stranded on a desert island and could only take 3 things what would they be?

A Steak Bake, A Lint Roller (Presentation is everything), My barber.


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