What Makes A Successful Digital Partnership?

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For a few weeks in December we were delighted to welcome Harry Amphlett as our latest intern. During his time with Radiator he worked closely with the whole team across a variety of brands and industries, after which he produced the following:

During my time interning at Radiator, I was tasked with researching and writing an article on what makes a successful digital partnership. I couldn't have found a better company than Radiator Digital to explore this topic - given they have twenty years of trading experience and success across all areas of digital. 

Of course, there are countless amounts of different and important aspects to what makes a digital partnership successful, however I have managed to narrow those down to a select few that appeal to me more and stand out from the rest.   

Those aspects I have chosen will be referred to as ‘pillars’. When discussing what makes a digital partnership successful, my mind is immediately drawn to three key elements, the pillars: the quality of the product produced, the (positive) impact the product makes and, lastly, the relationship and bond between the agency and the client.   

Despite their individuality, each pillar comes into play and is interdependent throughout all digital project deliveries.  

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Pillar number 1: Quality

First of all is quality of the digital product produced - encompassing its visual appeal, functionality and usability. Key to all successful partnerships for Radiator is first ensuring that the client is delighted with what is produced.  

Moreover, every user experience through this digital product must be smooth and enjoyable, ensuring a positive experience – and, finally, the visual impact of what is produced must be high quality and in perfect condition for engaging and converting end-users.  

Pillar number 2: Impact 

Second is the impact made through the digital asset (website or marketing campaign) – clearly a very important pillar. The impact of all digital assets plays a key role in all successful partnerships, which is why it's paramount that Radiator maximises all resources available to achieve the maximum benefit for its clients. 

I quickly learned that one of Radiator's most valuable offerings is the provision of a tailored product or solution – which meets the exact requirements of each client. I would say this tailored approach certainly offers Radiator and its clients with a market advantage, compared to other offerings that provide generic and off the shelf solutions that invariably force compromises or restrictions.  

In my view, all digital presences should be as unique as the brand it represents in order to be successful!

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Pillar number 3: Relationships

Last but by no means least is the strength of the client relationship. The relationship between both parties could arguably be one of the most important elements to forming a good digital partnership.  

Effective communication within the right environment, combined with honesty, trust, being open-minded and able to listen to other people's opinions and allowing their ideas to be shared - all play major roles.   

Having a clear understanding across all stakeholders involved in a project is essential. It’s also important to make clear the value that both partners will receive – and I have seen for myself that here, at Radiator, client satisfaction always comes first.  

Good personal connection and interactions with clients, knowing their wants and needs, maintaining communication, being as responsive as possible to help reach their goal - these are all high value aspects to a relationship that Radiator focuses on throughout all client projects. 

In summary

Whilst each individual pillar has its own pros and cons, each contributes to forming a successful digital partnership in my view.  

The quality of the digital product that’s produced, the presentation, the look and feel, the impact that the product has - what works and what doesn't, and, of course, the relationship side of all client partnerships; having a strong bond and trust between all parties - leading to consistently positive outcomes and enabling challenges to be faced and overcome together with confidence.  

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