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Umbraco Open Source CMS

A great CMS is not just a secure portal for editing content, but an expandable platform that allows your site to innovate and adapt to your needs and grows with you. Find out why we love it below.

It's Open Source

Umbraco is a free, open-source web content management system built on the trusted, stable and secure Microsoft.NET platform with simplicity and ease-of-use at its heart. Being open-source means no financial overheads or lock-in as well as allowing lashings of flexibility and creative freedom through your site.

Umbraco has a thriving developer community, maintained at Umbraco HQ in Denmark; offering training, support and commercially licensed add-ons. Umbraco has over 500,000 active installs across 198 countries and counting.

Easy to use, extend & manage

Umbraco is user-friendly for content editors, designers, and developers. Editors can easily alter, delete, and organise content on Umbraco with no need for a clumsy, generic instruction manual. Umbraco ships with easy to access help texts, providing you with contextual, step-by-step instructions for any task. This is combined with Umbraco training delivered by one of our experts.

Flexible & Creative

Our clients care about the layout of their pages and want a combination of flexibility and creativity to experiment with content blocks in different locations, without affecting their mobile-friendly layout. Umbraco’s grid-layout feature allows you to swap anything from a social feed panel with an enquiry form or an image gallery with streaming video. This is especially useful for experimenting with campaign landing pages.

Search Friendly

With SEO now more important than ever, Umbraco has all the tools to manage your digital marketing presence. 

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs

  • Easily manageable Meta Info

  • Easy URL/redirect management

  • Inform search engines what pages to index & crawl

  • Generates & updates an XML Sitemap

  • Structured Data & Accelerated Mobile Pages extensions

Website Management with Confidence

Content scheduling allows you to set content to go live on a future date appearing for as many days as you need. Before committing to a website change/addition, you can preview pages on any device before hitting the big green button. If you’re not 100% happy, simply roll-back to an earlier, date-stamped version.

Media management

Umbraco incorporates a centralised, categorised media library. Easy drag-drop media insertion and responsive image cropping can help turn even the most gingerly of web editors into web-designers!

Fully Supported

We don’t take security, stability and performance-speed for granted. With our support package and 24-7 website monitoring via trusted platforms: Pingdom and Status Cake your site will always be available, up-to-date and primed for performance.

3rd Party Integrations

Automate the passing of data to and from your site, reduces both the risk of user error and your admin overheads, which is increasingly important as your online activity up-scales.

Umbraco can be tailored to seamlessly integrate with almost any existing 3rd party system, including CRM’s, email platforms, booking engines and payment gateways.

A small selection of integrations we have worked with in the past:

  • Shopify

  • Access Gamma

  • Stripe

100% design flexibility

Umbraco is a blank slate. Unlike many other CMSs that have rigid templates and limited design capabilities, Umbraco can be adapted in any way to fit your needs. Designers have full control over mark-up to make your website look exactly as you like, with no Umbraco specific knowledge needed. It’s also easy to incorporate 3rd party HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Permission-based Access

Do you only want to provide blog access to your PR Company or product enquiry access to your sales team? Just check a CMS permission box to grant the access you need.

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