Brand Development

Your brand conveys why you exist; your values, core messages and personality. Crafting an identity and visuals for our clients with care, showcasing your offering with the right messaging and across the right brand touchpoints.

Brand discovery

Our brand discovery approach is engaging, collaborative and challenging - getting the most out of our clients to create something authentic. 

You know your brand better than most but through our strategic process, we help you step-back to realise your unique values that will cut through the noise to engage and resonate with your targets. 

Fuelled by fresh coffee, our discovery workshops are designed to direct & define your brand strategy: 

  • Brand heart - your beliefs, principles + vision, instilling a positive & consistent emotional experience – leading to reliance & trust 
  • Visitor personas – explore their character traits, attributes (e.g. age, demography, & geography) & psychographic info (what makes them tick)
  • Brand archetype – define who you are and more importantly, how to communicate that effectively to boost resonance  
  • Competitor analysis - gain insights to identify your strengths and why customers should choose your brand 

Positioning & identity

We are now ready to start work on your brand concepts, identity & messaging; influencing how your brand is perceived before your customers even engage with you.  

Collaboration and continual feedback all play their part in making your brand development feel right - something everyone connected to your brand can identify with. 

Brand identity evolution: 

  • Branding moodboard – compilation of a broad range of brand references and visual assets to inspire and influence 

  • Brand messaging - how you communicate who you are across: tone of voice, positioning, value proposition & key messaging pillars 

  • Brand ID concepts - exploring options across logo, typography & imagery – achieving alignment & consensus on a preferred route 

  • Full brand identity & guidelines – your brand blueprint for all responsible for marketing & communication ensuring consistency & coherence 

Attention-grabbing rollout

Brand development isn't wrapped-up on launch but needs to be nurtured & fuelled over time by all who contribute and interact with it to realise its potential.  

This relies on meaningful, relevant & lasting brand relationships and we’re right here to help you on your brand journey, across all touchpoints including: 

  • Online promotion - across multiple tactics - whether introducing your brand to new audiences or re-awakening old relationships - all leading to your core online presence  
  • Offline – office wall wraps / print collateral / packaging design / investor decks / marketing plans

  • Content creation - written & visual: photography, video, illustration, iconography etc.  

  • Socials – promotional and informational channels primed for brand engagement  

  • Creative campaigns – when you want to make some noise around a launch, key date or event

We ensure brand consistency and coherence for existing brands and start-ups. From brand identity and online UX to socials and offline activities, we cover it all. Our goal is to strengthen your brand's passion.

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