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Through a wide range of culture, sport and recreation services and experiences, Falkirk Leisure & Culture inspires healthier, happier and more creative lives. 

Beyond the smooth running and management of various venues, a central goal for FLC is community outreach and engagement; ensuring every member of the community has equal opportunity and access. From town halls, cinemas and theatres to parks, museums and leisure centres, FLC offers something for everyone.

For over 5 years, our digital partnership has focussed on boosting online engagement, ticket-sales and venue footfall through an inclusive, inspiring & fun UX across FLC's 3 brands whilst maintaining a balance between heritage & conservation.

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A key early outcome of all web projects is the information architecture stage - the framework and foundation which encompasses domain strategy and site navigation, quantifiable user journeys and content planning - with natural search ranking and usability best practice driving our recommendations.  

FLC approached us with three pre-existing brands: FLC itself (and all its venues), the Hippodrome Cinema and the Helix Park, home of the world-famous Kelpies. Through early research, we were in a strong position to advise that the chances of driving increased engagement and revenue would be boosted by splitting, not combining the sites.

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Tailoring content to the wide range of identified user groups was pivotal in delivering a relevant and inspiring UX. Due to the wide offering of events and classes, there are potentially endless user journeys and to simplify the process, we developed a dynamic filtering system on key pages. For users, logged-in to ‘My Falkirk’, their homepage view is dynamically based on their behaviour within the site. For example, if a particular user is favouriting and booking children’s swimming lessons, then the filtering system will assume that they will be interested in family events and adapt the homepage accordingly. 

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The sites' eCommerce nature allow users to directly book tickets, activities, classes and sports facilities via third party platform integrations. The Umbraco CMS platform, chosen for its expandability and flexibility allows central management across the three stand-alone sites whilst also integrating with mutliple 3rd party integrations that drive the transactional user journeys. 

We designed custom integration processes with the booking system Delta for leisure class browsing and booking as well as Spektrix, a leading ticketing platform for the Arts which drives the Hippodrome ticket sales. Both processes offer no restrictions from a look and feel point of view - which is key for realising seamless user journeys, especially on mobiles. In addition, both process unifies booking across the FLC’s extensive range of facilities, making for easier ongoing management from an admin perspective.

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Following launch and embracing our fully integrated approach, we developed and rolled out a strategic digital marketing strategy across multiple tactics including SEO, PPC and Paid Social. Our focus across all activity was the promotion of swimming and gymnastics classes before switching to Christmas events, with gymnastics continuing given the quantifiable demand.


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