Wendy Morrison


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  • Completed

    January 2022

  • Deployment

    Shopify-Umbraco CMS hybrid / Photoslurp Instagram /
    MailChimp / Quickbooks 
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The Brief

Having worked with our client since 2015, this evolution of Wendy’s online presence needed to tell her unique story in an innovative and stylish manner to further boost her online brand and impact.

Our client was keen to focus on a slicker end-to-end user journey: before, during & after a product purchase and weave seamless integration with their new CRM platform through this refreshed site - with no compromise for users at work, home or on the move.

Wendy has also recently seen a surge of engagement through Instagram, an increasingly vital source of brand exposure and traffic - and we were tasked with leveraging the value of this channel through tighter integration with the site. 

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Given the range of visually impactful products, each inspired by nature, maximalism and chinoiserie, an image-led approach was the obvious choice to get across Wendy’s passion, creativity and the skill involved in the creation of every individual piece.

Our collective aim was a UX which reflects the luxury brand experience; visually & powerfully expressing the inspiration and artisanal craftsmanship behind the range while seamlessly integrating with slick, intuitive shopping functionality.

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This set of unique requirements immediately ruled out an off-the-shelf platform approach - instead we opted for a hybrid solution which combines Umbraco and Shopify.

This easy-to-manage and expandable solution offers Wendy the best of both worlds in simultaneously allowing users to explore the brand story; diving deeper into themes of inspiration, creativity & craft, through the unrestricted, creative freedom of Umbraco’s CMS - whilst allowing repeat visitors who know what they want, to quickly browse/checkout with the support of Shopify’s feature-rich Ecommerce solution.

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An enhanced UX allows users to save favourite products to their own password-protected 'moodboard' for quick recall whilst enabling the WMD team to see which designs are catching their customers' eyes. This stored information also supports follow-up through targeted marketing with tailored messaging.

On the back of positive Instagram activity and to maximise the power of user-generated content, we integrated Photoslurp instagram which delivers a rolling user content feed to key pages. This functionality can deliver product-specific user posts on respective collection pages for increased relevance and impact.

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Account and Newsletter signups are sent to Mailchimp and automatically trigger a one-time discount. This is limited to one-use-per-customer, with automatic follow-up emails reminding them to use this before it expires – and has resulted in a YOY conversion rate increase of over 7%.

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To ease admin overheads for team WMD, stock and product information from Quickbooks is sent to Shopify, where shipping rules and regional pricing are established, before automatically routing  through to Umbraco and the consumer front-end.

On checkout the user is seamlessly diverted through Shopify's slick, best-in-class checkout experience before being returned to the site, while auto-Geolocation multi-currency transaction information is silently passed back to Shopify and QB for accounting and fulfilment.

“It was a pleasure to work with Radiator and we’re delighted with the finished product. It’s highly-attractive visually, but also a very accessible & functional website to navigate, which was important to us – we must ‘sell the story’ but also make it as simple as possible for visitors to purchase. The design process was truly open and inclusive, with the enthusiasm for the project from everyone at Radiator shining through.”

Wendy Morrison, Wendy Morrison Design, Feb 2022


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