Wendy Morrison

A handcrafted approach  

Inspired by natural surroundings and the changing seasons, designer Wendy Morrison creates rugs which could be likened only to art. Helping Wendy to expand her online presence through the creation of a website wasn’t a task we took lightly at Radiator. We knew that anything we created would have to reflect the care and attention which goes into the design and creation of each individual rug.

Using our usability-led approach, we worked with Wendy and her team to create an award-nominated website which remained true to the brand while supporting their objective of expanding their online reach. The new website would have to tell Wendy’s amazing story as well as concisely communicate Wendy’s routes to market in an innovative and stylish manner.

Designing for a designer comes with a lot of amazing creative opportunities, especially when it’s for someone as talented as Wendy Morrison. Not only were we able to show off the beautiful products but we had an arsenal of amazing brand assets and photography to make use of in the creation of the site.

Simultaneously, borrowing an amazing brand like this comes with a lot of challenges. It’s so important to hit the mark on the all the brand attributes in a subtle but stylish way. It was an exciting project to be part of and the end result is something we’re all very proud of.

- Calum, Senior Designer at Radiator Digital

Weaving the project together

For such a visually stunning product, an image led approach was the obvious choice to instantly communicate the passion, creativity of Wendy and the sheer skill involved in the creation of every individual piece.

After discussing what inspires Wendy at length during the discovery stage, we wanted to echo her creative process in the design of the site and ensure that Wendy Morrison Design was simply a digital representation of Wendy Morrison. The final website emulated Wendy’s mood boards using large, overlapping images and text juxtaposed with Swiss style layouts and clean and simple typography treatments. Large product shots of the rugs were chosen in an attempt to represent their sheer size interlaced with some of the beautiful lifestyle photography Wendy is so passionate about.  

Displaying Wendy’s collection in a manner which is fitting for the products was important to the team from the initial meeting. We wanted to go for something more innovative than you would expect to see for your run-of-the mill floor coverings. With this in mind, we decided to show the products isolated against white, emulating paintings in a gallery. In the gallery view, we limited the amount of information available showing only a large image of the product along with the name of the rug following a similar format to premium art galleries.

We wanted to utilise the blog section to mirror the personable nature of the brand opting for a ‘journal’ for Wendy. We wanted to offer potential buyers an insight into Wendy’s innermost thoughts and inspiration. This allows Wendy to add her own insights into her work including her own mood boards and inspiration for up-coming projects, her studio diary, as well as the necessary ‘news and events’ and PR activity through the ‘press section’.

Fashion and function 

Of course, in true Radiator style, functionality and usability were paramount. Opting for a combination of the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms allowed the flexibility that a design-led brand requires. WordPress is known and loved by the blogging community and lends itself perfectly to the ever-evolving blog content Wendy posts. We coupled this with the integration for secure payments through Sage Pay; ensuring the brand experience is conveyed throughout the full checkout journey.

Our work for Wendy Morrison has been nominated for Best Digital Design at The Nods.


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