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    March 2024
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Two of Scotland’s most prestigious law firms, Morton Fraser & MacRoberts recently merged to form MFMac, a new top-tier independent firm in Scotland.  

Radiator was selected as MFMac’s digital partner, helping to define and grow this new brand as a new style of law firm

This is our third iteration of MacRoberts digital presence but now supporting this larger entity through this historic merger. On the strength of our relationship to date, the renewed MFMac team required full confidence in our ability to be the gatekeeper of the new brand from a digital perspective.

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This confidence was tested early given the quick turnaround required between the merger announcement and the initial brand articulation – working in collaboration with MFMac’s team and other suppliers.   

Our UX Team worked on a deep interactive landing page which eased the merger transition and communicated the launch of the new MFMac brand, based on the value proposition: ‘A new style of law firm’. 

We wasted no time in embedding ourselves in the new & wider team - embracing long held principles of trust, alignment & continuity. This provided Team MFMac with the space & assurance in knowing the key areas of brand representation & target user engagement were being met.  

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Information Architecture – primed for engagement  

Mapping out key user journeys and content hierarchy was central to the successful merger of two already established & well ranking websites.  

We conducted UX & SEO Audits of both sites as well as interviews with MFMac divisional heads, which helped steer and define the new Information Architecture.

Combining the extensive service ranges across the two firms required a disciplined and rational approach – with this methodology applying to the overall structure to realise a streamlined user experience. 

Our research highlighted four distinct user-types: Business & Organisations, Public Sector & Charities, Individuals & Families and International Entities – each with unique needs. 

As well as tailored journeys across each group, features including an AI voice search and easy-to-access multi language versions, ensures all users are catered for. 

Design sprints  

To meet the relatively quick, full-site launch requirements, whist accommodating a large client-side stakeholder group, we modelled design sprints around priority user journeys.

This interactive prototypes kept all stakeholders aligned and engaged whilst clearly defining the minimum viable product (MVP) for launch. 

Look and feel 

Overall an editorial style with a focus on ease of use and accessibility was worked up. Large and elegant serif typography, that reflects the new branding is juxtaposed with fluid and vivid backgrounds across hero banners to grab attention.

The overall aesthetic supports a representation of this ‘new style of law firm’ with prevalent traditional values, and with interactivity and animation bringing these features to life.  

MFMac's Knowledge Hub has a journalistic style, providing great insight and SEO opportunities. Sector-specific articles, thought leadership, vlogs and podcasts are combined into a single magazine-format hub – easier to search, browse and manage.

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Why Umbraco was the obvious choice

Underpinning this sophisticated and breathable look and feel across MFMac's online presence is the Umbraco CMS. A key feature being its modular grid editor - allowing maximum content flexibility and efficiency, meaning pages can reflect what MFMac needs to say, rather than the message being contorted to fit a template.  

Umbraco’s on-page SEO support was a further selection factor, with the preservation of value built in the eyes of Google across the two previous sites pivotal in building the new brand's profile, authority & trust.  

Building Targeted Awareness & Engagement

Our Digital Marketing experts had a key role to play in the structure and content planning of this new site to ensure all value was preserved. Target keyword research & insights drive the content strategy and our team now oversees MFMac’s ongoing Digital Marketing Strategy across multiple tactics, sectors and locations.  

This activity which encompasses natural & paid search, email & social campaigns aligns with MFMac’s overall goals including brand / service awareness, talent attraction & international exposure. 

Monthly performance reviews involving our client’s PR partner and a range of stakeholders ensures we all remain aligned and leverage opportunities across all marketing & communication disciplines.  

"Radiator has been MacRobert’s digital partner since 2018 and are regarded firm-wide as an extension of our team - I personally love working with them. Demonstrating where & how they add value was straightforward, so it was a natural choice to continue this partnership to build MFMac’s brand and success online."

Laura Wilson, Director ‑ Marketing, Brand & Communications, MFMac LLP


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